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Tommy and Conner #B...
Tommy and Conner #BLB003...
24 min
Added: 20120419
The Out Of Town Guy...
The Out Of Town Guys #TG...
58 min
Added: 20120525
Chip Matthews and I...
Chip Matthews and Ian Al...
45 min
Added: 20120525
Arkansas Stallion #...
Arkansas Stallion #FBP00...
12 min
Added: 20120519
One Last Stroke fro...
One Last Stroke from Bil...
3 min
Added: 20120423
Brandon Face Fucks ...
Brandon Face Fucks Littl...
17 min
Added: 20120309
Tommy DeLuca My Fir...
Tommy DeLuca My First Ti...
31 min
Added: 20120330
Rey and Ricky #BPV0...
Rey and Ricky #BPV001-03
17 min
Added: 20120423
Tommy and Caleb #BL...
Tommy and Caleb #BLB003-...
8 min
Added: 20120330
Brandon and David #...
Brandon and David #AMA01...
15 min
Added: 20120312


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After kissing and stripping the clothes from Tommy DeLuca's small frame, Connor flips him over and dives tongue first into Tommy's ass. They go back to gentle but intense kissing and touching before Tommy makes a move for Conner's man-sized meat.

Views: (19451)
Duration: (24 min)  Uploaded: 20120419 
Categories: Twinks, Rimming, Muscles, Hung, Facials, Duos, Daddies, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
Tommy and Conner #BLB003-06

Scott is back after his solo video to work with fellow Bi dude Spencer.  Both guys come from outside the city with Spencer leaving the wife and kids behind to come to my house to play.  These guys get into a lot of oral action and finally manage to get Spencer's cock up Scott's ass.  Spencer blows a huge load over his stomach when Scott quickly takes a taste.  "It's good!", he says!

Views: (17975)
Duration: (58 min)  Uploaded: 20120525 
Categories: Threeways, Duos, Daddies, Condoms, Blowjobs, Bears and Cubs 
Studios: The Great Canadian Male
The Out Of Town Guys #TGC125-01

Ian gets on top of Chip, and the mighty cock eases up Ian’s hole with no trouble whatsoever.  Chip picks Ian up, puts him on his back (all the while buried deep inside the lad), and fucks him in the missionary position.  Chip pounds into Ian who keeps saying “it’s good”!

Views: (14138)
Duration: (45 min)  Uploaded: 20120525 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Duos, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: ShowGuys Video
Chip Matthews and Ian Alexander #SHO481-01

Blaze Kennedy, Tyler Christianson & Alec Kinkade: Watch Alec and Tyler fuck Blaze in this hot 3 way scene.

Views: (13209)
Duration: (12 min)  Uploaded: 20120519 
Categories: Threeways, Hung, Frats and Jocks, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: Fresh Boyz Productions
Arkansas Stallion #FBP001-03

Just one last stroke...The Colonel giving this sweet eighteen-year-old boy one more ball-busting hand job. Good job, Colonel!

Views: (13033)
Duration: (3 min)  Uploaded: 20120423 
Categories: Twinks, Solos, HandJobs 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
One Last Stroke from Billy #BLB004-06

Little Bobby has always found older guys to be exciting and whenever he has a chance to go down on one he jumps at the opportunity. Brandon likes his guys young and lithe and Little Bobby, just eighteen and with hardly any body hair at all, is just right. 

Views: (10922)
Duration: (17 min)  Uploaded: 20120309 
Categories: Rimming, Latinos, Frats and Jocks, Facials, Duos, Blowjobs, Twinks 
Studios: AmateurVideoz
Brandon Face Fucks Little Bobby #AMA014-01

Tommy tugs down his soccer shorts to reveal his heavily packed jock strap. His jersey comes off, exposing his smooth tight torso and finally his jock disappears to leave him naked and hung for all to see.

Views: (10105)
Duration: (31 min)  Uploaded: 20120330 
Categories: Twinks, Solos, Hung 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
Tommy DeLuca My First Time #BLB002-01

As soon as they're both naked, Rey chows down on Ricky's prick. That's just the beginning though. They trade blowjobs and kiss then Rey slides on a rubber and fucks Ricky's cute little Latino butt.

Views: (9705)
Duration: (17 min)  Uploaded: 20120423 
Categories: Twinks, Rimming, Latinos, Interracial, Frats and Jocks, Duos, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: Border Patrol Videos
Rey and Ricky #BPV001-03

In this session, Tommy receives his first facial cum shot from his buddy, Caleb. Tommy works on Caleb's large cock with his unskilled, yet eager mouth until Caleb is ready to squirt. Tommy rolls over onto his back, squeezes his eyes shut tight and gets a tremendous cum bath that causes him to screw his face up.

Views: (9614)
Duration: (8 min)  Uploaded: 20120330 
Categories: Twinks, Frats and Jocks, Facials, Duos, Blowjobs 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
Tommy and Caleb #BLB003-01

Brandon was stuck in Seattle; broke, nearly homeless, and out of options. He called about our modeling ad but said he wouldn't do any gay we turned him down. Two days later he called back and well…just see for yourself.

Views: (9382)
Duration: (15 min)  Uploaded: 20120312 
Categories: Twinks, Rimming, Latinos, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Facials, Duos, Blowjobs 
Studios: AmateurVideoz
Brandon and David #AMA014-02

The invitations to the holiday edition of the Sin Parties said that Santa would be giving blowjobs, but they didn't mention the two glory holes that Santa was servicing on this winter night.

Views: (6091)
Duration: (2 min)  Uploaded: 20120519 
Categories: Rimming, Orgies, Latinos, Interracial, Hung, Gloryhole, Frats and Jocks, Daddies, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: Eden Pictures
Kinky Kristmas Karol #EDP008-03

CJ has been laying on my bed watching a porno when I unzip his pants and pull out out his throbbing cock. I lube him up his and stroke him before pulling off his pants. When he's ready I go down on him and he watches the porno intently while I service him. 

Views: (5769)
Duration: (38 mins)  Uploaded: 20130612 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, HandJobs, Gay For Pay, Duos, Blowjobs 
Studios: Sneek Peek Productions
Gay for Pay CJ Gets Blowjob #SPP127-02

Young master Karl leads his new slave boy Steve into the room. Master Karl is wearing a leather jacket and has his slave boy securely at the end of a dog lead and collar. With slave Steve wearing a leather jock strap he looks really submissive and willing to do his Daddy's bidding.

Views: (5440)
Duration: (31 mins)  Uploaded: 20130409 
Categories: Twinks, Leather, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Frats and Jocks, Europeans, Duos, Bondage-Kink, Blowjobs 
Studios: Shoot Productions
Master Karl and Steve #SHP017-02

Daddy Ike is back to collect the rest of the rent. Young Les is not at home so Ike tells Jasper that he can pay the rest. These two Daddies are playing hard when Ike spots young Les spying on the action.

Views: (5226)
Duration: (36 mins)  Uploaded: 20130528 
Categories: Twinks, Threeways, Hung, Facials, Dildos, Blowjobs, Bears and Cubs 
Studios: Ike Adams Video
Paid In Full #IKE012-03

After getting his own cock licked and sucked by Gavin, Chris returns the favor by swallowing Gavin's thick dick and fingering his asshole. Chris wants to get fucked again, so he slides a rubber onto Gavin's cock then throws his legs into the air so that Gavin can pumps his butt good.

Views: (5163)
Duration: (17 min)  Uploaded: 20120330 
Categories: Twinks, Frats and Jocks, Facials, Duos, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
Chris and Gavin Flip Flop Fuck #BLB001-04

Across town, super-cute Josh (18) makes his second appearance in the video, and shows up at Dusty's (18) crib. Josh wants to have his own party, a two-man party, and when he sees the size of Dusty's fat dick, Josh goes crazy! Josh and Dusty sixty-nine, then go ballistic on the couch.

Views: (5126)
Duration: (15 mins)  Uploaded: 20150307 
Categories: Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Duos, Condoms, Blowjobs 
Studios: High Drive Productions
Super Cute Josh and Dusty #HDR008-06

Billy's paired with thirty-five year old Jake in this sucking and rimming adventure. Jake's old enough to be Billy's well, you get the picture.

Views: (4917)
Duration: (9 min)  Uploaded: 20120423 
Categories: Twinks, Rimming, Hung, Duos, Blowjobs 
Studios: Barely Legal Boys
Billy and Jake Rimmed and Sucked #BLB004-04

This session is shot entirely outdoors in beautiful Golden Gate Park, overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge...really!

Views: (4848)
Duration: (16 min)  Uploaded: 20120520 
Categories: Solos, Outdoors, Frats and Jocks 
Studios: Frat Boys Video
Adam Stroking In Golden Gate Park #FRA005-01

Jake is toned and ready to play. He works his nice 8'' cock to rock-hardness and loves it when I stroke his rod and play with his sweet asshole. He finishes with a big helping of cum that’s as sweet as it looks.

Views: (4841)
Duration: (21 min)  Uploaded: 20120510 
Categories: Solos, HandJobs, Frats and Jocks 
Studios: CamsOnDemand
Jake Gets A Helping Hand #COD009-02

Cody is 20, str8 and hung like a horse. He wanted to earn some money and knew just where to go. Watch him force feed his big, fat, 11'' cock to Dylan and then dump his hot load right in Dylan’s mouth. Dylan gladly swallows every drop.

Views: (4812)
Duration: (13 min)  Uploaded: 20120510 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Facials, Duos, Blowjobs 
Studios: CamsOnDemand
Dylan Services Cody #COD009-01

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