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In scene 2,Cedric is back in solo action. He had created a clone mold of his cock and proceeds to fuck himself with it and suck it...tasting his sweet ass in the process.
He actually made the clone for someone and occasionally mentions their name in the scene.

Views: (608)
Duration: (20 mins)  Uploaded: 20160805 
Categories: Twinks, Solos, Hung, Gay For Pay, Dildos 
Studios: Steve Myer Productions
Cedric Self Abuse #SMP011-02

Dan is back to show off how his hungry hole can open up for a big black dildo.  He's wearing a mask to cover his face, but lets all of his ass hang out while he swallows the massive black dong. 

Views: (542)
Duration: (14 mins)  Uploaded: 07/27/2016 
Categories: Daddies, Dildos, Gay For Pay, Hung, Hustlers and Punks, Muscles, Solos 
Studios: IronVideo Productions
Dan The Hunk Takes The Dildo #IVP039-03

Doug is in his early fifties, rides motorcycles, has a girlfriend, and loves buttplay. In fact, he's so into it that he's ready to expose his most private fantasy.  As he spreads his smooth ass cheeks and shows off his pink puckered hole, Doug pokes it with a dildo and talks about how much he loves getting fucked by big black dick.  

Views: (561)
Duration: (21 mins)  Uploaded: 20160728 
Categories: Daddies, Dildos, Duos, Gay For Pay, Hung, Hustlers and Punks 
Studios: IronVideo Productions
Doug Big Daddy DILF #IVP039-02

Dan is a fifty something straight personal trainer.  With his big pecs and massive biceps, he is the epitome of a DILF.  He starts off stripping and jerking off in a pair of mechanics overalls before shooting a thick load of cum. 

Views: (629)
Duration: (14 mins)  Uploaded: 20160728 
Categories: Solos, Muscles, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Dildos, Daddies 
Studios: IronVideo Productions
Dan The DILF #IVP039-01

Scene two has Logan in a pair of tight white shorts with his hard cock throbbing against the fabric. This guy is so damned gorgeous it is almost too much! I can’t wait to get him back in bed so after a very brief posing routine, which makes his dick hard, he is in bed ready to go. His dick is huge and he shows it off as well as he does his virgin pink ass hole. He does another butt show; this time with a hard dick and you can see how much he is getting into it. Apparently he is a true exhibitionist! On his back again, he starts jacking his already hard dick as I suggest he rub his ass cheeks and crack. He plays with his nipples and begins to go for his ass. I can’t believe it as he greases up a finger and buries it deep in his butt. To the question have you ever done this before, he replies a very firm No! But he takes the little butt plug and begins to jack his still hard dick. He can’t believe the feeling and has no qualms about exploring his nether regions! I give him a vibrator and after fucking his butt for a while, he takes an even larger one and sticks it up his butt. Lucky vibrator! His balls look great as he jerks his dick and he even flips over on his stomach and gets up on his knees to make sure you see it all! This guy is hot and quite a showman, too! A glass dildo disappears as he continues jacking his huge dick and he goes on to a big red butt plug. As it slides into his ass, his comment is ''oh, wow!'' And you can tell how real that is! When he flips over on his stomach his cock is hard enough to break! Back on his back he jacks his dick and produces another creamy load but this time with even more intensity! When he pulls the plug out, he has his legs in the air and you see his hole expand as he de-plugs ! I have him tell you exactly what he’s done today and hearing this handsome man talk about getting fucked is too much. Then another shower scene where he engages me in casual conversation.

Views: (864)
Duration: (32 mins)  Uploaded: 20160308 
Categories: Solos, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Dildos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Logan Cums Back #GEM064-02

In the studio, Logan is eager to show you what he’s got and lifts his tee shirt and drops his pants to reveal a semi hard uncut cock of heroic proportions! His beautifully smooth body is lean and tanned and he goes through our costume part of the shoot looking better and better. He doesn’t have a bad side and can’t photograph badly. It’s fun to see his uncut cock sneaking out of his ample foreskin, as he gets excited putting on a show for you. As he flexes, he reveals his taut young male muscles and a chest that is juts beginning to sprout! He looks as hot in the ripped jeans as he does in the jock strap, except when he bends over in the jock and spreads his luscious buns to reveal his secret little pink asshole, I preferred the jock! Changing into tight white Lycra shorts that reveal every bulge, he poses showing you front and back before he gets in bed. Spread out in bed he is a dream come true and he strips the shorts off and does a butt show that leave nothing to the imagination. If you have ever seen a Gemini Video, you know we go for the ass and this one made us crazy. We have him pose and show off his ass in every way we can think of and he is happy to oblige! I can guarantee the guys on the football team (or even his girl) ever saw this side of him! Logan stretches out in bed and oils down his torso playing with his nipples and getting his huge uncut dick hard. This guy even has beautiful large balls that jump up ands down as he jerks his dick. Once he gets hard, I have him stand up and pose in front of our large studio mirror so you can see him from all sides and watch his dick bob as he moves around. He gets back in bed and moans and groans as he jerks his dick to a geyser of cum all over his tight tanned belly. Again he stands in the mirror with his load running down his belly. I knew you would want to watch this 6’ 2 beauty in the bathroom! He soaps up, rubs down and gives you plenty to see as he does.

Views: (827)
Duration: (30 mins)  Uploaded: 20160308 
Categories: Hung, Frats and Jocks, Dildos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Logan Tries A Toy #GEM064-01

Brenn Wyson and Rocco Giovanni are two incredibly hot,hairy and tattooed studs doing their first scene together. They start in their under shorts,and soon get down to business,kissing and grabbing each other's crotches. Brenn pushes Rocco down and goes to work on his pierced nipples,then pulls out the large,already hard cock with a very big Prince Albert,which Brenn soon has down his throat. Rocco releases Brenn's dick,and the two are soon sixty-nining. Brenn pulls Rocco's legs in the air and shoves his tongue up into the hot ass. Now Rocco sucks Brenn's cock into a full and very impressive erection. Brenn turns around,and now Rocco gives him one incredible rimming; Rocco's tongue piercing causes Brenn to loudly groan in pleasure.

Views: (999)
Duration: (45 mins)  Uploaded: 20160224 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Dildos, Blowjobs 
Studios: ShowGuys Video
Brenn Wyson and Rocco Giovanni #SHO372-01

Three military shipmates,looking to make a quick extra buck,agree to a 3-way jerk-off. Enjoy watching these three being photographed together nude. Gary has the buff body and is not sure he is ready to do this.

Views: (966)
Duration: (10 mins)  Uploaded: 20160219 
Categories: Twinks, Threeways, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Frats and Jocks, Dildos, Blowjobs 
Studios: San Diego Boy Productions
Three Shipmates #SDB024-04

Skip sucks Brad's dick taking the over-sized dick deep into his mouth. But that's just a preview of the main event: this little blonde is getting fucked!

Views: (666)
Duration: (14 mins)  Uploaded: 20160216 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Dildos, Blowjobs, Bears and Cubs 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Skip Goes Gay #GEM063-05

In the playroom Skip is handcuffed and blindfolded ready for some action. He gets oiled down and I play with his dick getting him hard. I get him in the sling and he's spread open ready for serious butt play.

Views: (821)
Duration: (17 mins)  Uploaded: 20160216 
Categories: Leather, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Duos, Dildos, Bondage-Kink, Blowjobs 
Studios: Gemini Studios
In The Playroom #GEM063-04

Stranding nude with his new puka shell necklace he poses for the camera, showing you everything including his hot almost virgin ass. He's back in bed with his legs in the air and a toy assortment and ready to play! He gets out some nipple clamps and fucks his ass with a beer bottle before shoving a cucumber all the way up his tight little ass. Skip jacks his already hard dick as he fucks his butt and is getting into the mood for something bigger. I give him the 10’’ manrammer dildo and he works it deep into his butt staying hard the whole time! He fucks his butt in several positions and still has the tit clamps on.

Views: (818)
Duration: (10 mins)  Uploaded: 20160216 
Categories: Solos, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Frats and Jocks, Dildos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Skip and More Toys #GEM063-03

Skip is in bed naked with a toy assortment and shows you his ass spread wide. He knows what's ahead and begins to grease up his ass and finger his butt while he jacks his hard dick. He shoves (yes, shoves) a butt plug up his ass with out missing a beat and keeps on jackin’. It feels so god, he shoots a huge load on his thigh and tells you all about what he just experienced. In the shower Skips lathers up and explores his sexy young bod going in all the cracks, nooks and crannies and you get to come along for the ride. You even get some great spread ass shots as he shows you everything before toweling off and going into the studio wearing the towel. The towel comes off quickly (of course!) and he is standing their nude for you to admire.

Views: (779)
Duration: (14 mins)  Uploaded: 20160215 
Categories: Solos, Hung, Gay For Pay, Frats and Jocks, Dildos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Skip Experiences A Toy #GEM063-02

Eager to finish one another off K.C. and Boogey pulsate their curious holes with 18 inch double headed veiny black dildo sliding in and reaching most sensuous spots these Men simultaneously  

Views: (817)
Duration: (9 mins)  Uploaded: 20160212 
Categories: Hung, Duos, Double Penetration, Dildos, Blowjobs, Black 
Studios: BadBoyz
KC and BoogeyMan #BAD005-05

Nasty Nate wastes no time power fucking K.C. doggy-style. He takes Nate's 11 inch dong like a champion and cum's a nice load of milky satisfaction! Horny studs K.C. and Boogey are having fun with toys including Dildo and rubber ribbed pussy Masturbation device.

Views: (624)
Duration: (7 mins)  Uploaded: 20160212 
Categories: Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Duos, Dildos, Blowjobs, Black 
Studios: BadBoyz
Toy Play With The Ghetto Boys #BAD005-03

Matt wakes up from a nap with a stiff one. He rolls around and shows off all his best ass-ets. He moves to the chair where he enjoys long hard strokes and massages his tight ass, getting it ready for things to come.

Views: (926)
Duration: (30 mins)  Uploaded: 20160206 
Categories: Solos, Hustlers and Punks, Hung, Gay For Pay, Dildos 
Studios: Big Red Curtain Productions
Matt Cums First #BIR002-01

It's the next day and Jordan is back. Standing naked, Jordan looks hot, hot, hot! I get him into bed quickly and want to continue his anal education. His dick is rock hard in anticipation of today's lesson. I have a good pupil on my hands! After a through self-fingering, he fucks his now eager ass with the small plug before going on to the infamous beer bottle! Fucking himself with a beer bottle is a rush and he is eager for a new experience, so out comes the cucumber! He is all game and really tries to get the cold green cuke as deep in his hot tight ass as he can. And we joke about it being a good attempt for first grade! The big red butt plug makes another appearance and he treats it like an old fuck buddy! Come on in and fuck me!! It must feel good cause he lets me jack his dick, which is so hard I could break it off! He wants more, so I give him the 10'' manrammer dildo and he doesn’t hesitate to shove it deep in his ass. And yes, he stays hard!

Views: (1064)
Duration: (36 mins)  Uploaded: 20151228 
Categories: Daddies, Dildos, Gay For Pay, Hung, Hustlers and Punks, Showering, Solos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Jordan Back The Next Day #GEM062-02

Jordan has come in for an interview and maybe his first photo shoot. He doesn’t know what to expect and is a little nervous. After welcoming him to the studio and confirming that he wants to do adult videos, I ask him a few questions to put him at ease. Like most straight men he is eager to announce his heterosexuality and brag about his conquests. He tells us about the first time he jacks off and seems to be more relaxed. He offers a peak at his chest and even discusses his armpits! So I ask him to drop his pants and cannot believe the size of his dick. This thing is huge and I am especially happy to see it is getting hard! His cock must be 8 inches and looks huge just hanging out of his fly. He tries on a pair of ripped jeans and looks hot with that big ole dick sticking straight out and his arms flexed! I am beginning to get interested When he turns around and drops the jeans over his milky smooth buns and spreads his cheeks, I know I am hooked and will do a very thorough job shooting this stud!

Views: (966)
Duration: (40 mins)  Uploaded: 20151227 
Categories: Daddies, Dildos, Gay For Pay, Hung, Hustlers and Punks, Solos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Jordan Tries A Toy #GEM062-01

When Lance returns home from school to see his boyfriend, Taylor, just watching TV on the couch, he has some other ideas to occupy their time. After smooching Taylor, Lance suggests that they go upstairs. However, they don't even get up the stairs when they begin doing it right on the staircase. After some intense blowjobs, the two finally reach the bedroom.

Views: (1030)
Duration: (16 mins)  Uploaded: 20151211 
Categories: Blowjobs, Dildos, Duos, Hung, Twinks 
Studios: BuffStuff Videos
Lance Andretta and Taylor McKinley Twink Action #EMV014-01

This scene should be called Body Builder Toy Fantasy because this is where he fucks his tight bubble butt until he’s exhausted and drained!! Not to waste any time, he starts out in bed naked. Looking good! After getting his dick hard, he begins to finger his ass while jerking his dick. That feels so good, that it’s easy to talk him into shoving a small butt plug in that hot butt.

Views: (1221)
Duration: (28 mins)  Uploaded: 20151113 
Categories: Solos, Muscles, Hustlers and Punks, Frats and Jocks, Dildos 
Studios: Gemini Studios
Russel Plays With Toys #GEM061-02

The director tries out the fleshlight on his big dick.

Views: (802)
Duration: (31 mins)  Uploaded: 20151003 
Categories: Solos, Dildos, Daddies 
Studios: Bronx Strokers
The Director Fucks The Fleshlight #BRO006-01

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