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Ian, Dallas and Casey #SHO201-01

Ian, Dallas and Casey #SHO201-01

Running Time
51 mins





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When Ian Cody arrives in South Florida, he announces he loves to get double penetrated, and Dallas Reeves and Casey Young, two of our most beautiful and popular models, are more than happy to oblige. Dallas and Casey start out clothed, with Ian sandwiched, stark naked, between them. The guys start kissing and Ian’s dick springs to attention. Ian soon has both the other guys stripped and hard, sucking first Dallas, then Casey to full erection. Ian is a great cocksucker, and deep-throats both the other guys’ very impressive dicks. Dallas and Casey stand and make out, while Ian is on his knees with both dicks in his mouth, a considerable feat. Ian stands up, Dallas and Casey get on their knees, and use both their mouths on Ian’s cock and balls. Now Dallas sucks Ian’s dick while Casey tongues his adorable little bubble butt. 
Ian gets on the bed on his hands and knees and sucks Dallas while getting rimmed by Casey. Casey takes a dildo, and after first using his finger to open the lad up, inserts it in Ian’s waiting hole. But now it’s time to introduce the real thing up Ian’s butt. Dallas lies down, and Ian sits on him and starts bouncing. Casey adds a finger to the stretched hole, and then condoms himself, and lies beside Dallas. Meanwhile, Ian himself has added several fingers to the dick up his ass. Ian moves over, and now Casey’s cock fills the talented ass hole. Dallas now adds his finger – all this in preparation for the main event. Ian turns around, and he and Casey give us an incredible frog. Ian takes a break, and Dallas and Casey make out. 
Ian soon returns and gives us another frog, this time with Dallas, while sucking Casey. Now Ian shoves the large dildo up his butt, and then gets fucked by Dallas and Casey doggie-style. Finally, Casey lies on his back, Ian climbs on, Dallas comes in from behind, and we get one of the best double penetrations in ShowGuys’ history. At one point Casey adds his finger to the two dicks shoved up Ian’s ass. Finally Ian lies down, Dallas and Casey kneel over him, and amazingly, shoot, at exactly the same time, gobs of white hot cum into Ian’s open mouth. This causes Ian to let go a huge spurting climax high in the air. And, sadly, one of the hottest scenes ever seen on comes to an end. 

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