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Jake Martinez and Nick Salenas #SDB056-02

Jake Martinez and Nick Salenas #SDB056-02

Running Time
20 mins





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Choosing a club to go to, two of our SD Boys, Jake Martinez and Nick Salenas, figure they still have time to fool around before they go dancing. These two hot and horny boys strip quickly and get down to some bareback riding lessons. Jake is bottoming today and Nick sure enjoys the action. Rocking on Nick s hard cock, Jake finds his stride and shows some of rhythmic moves he enjoys; these two make fine dance partners. 
Jake, coming off Nicks hot cock, lies on his back for some missionary thrusting by his partner. Alternating between long and short strides, both moan as Nicks dick is massaging Jakes prostate. Eager for the sensation to intensify, Jake bounces up to meet Nick s downward play. This bottom definitely has some dance moves in him; he arches his back in order to feel every inch of Nick s dance pole. As the camera pans under the two, we see deep penetrating action; lost in each other, this couple is moaning and groaning as one. 
Flipping over to doggie, Jake continues to set the pace, as he rocks back onto Nick s awaiting cock; they watch each other and smile. Within just a few minutes, Jakes frenzied motion has him almost hopping off the bed. Nick continues to pull back hard on his bottom s hips. These two are really in a pumping rhythm and it looks like nothing is going to stop the music. Taking a moment to catch their breaths, they move to the shower. 
With the shower spraying down onto Nick, Jake bends down to suck his partner to firmness. Quickly responding to Jake s warm, wet mouth, Nick s cock reenters Jakes eager bottom. These two really have some nice moves; once again they bump together in order to pound down on each other. Both needing to brace themselves against the shower walls, they tighten their grip as Nick rocks Jakes world. Getting closer to cumming, the boys move back to the bed. 
Side by side, Nick and Jake masturbate as their bodies touch and they kiss. Nick unloads first as he truly fires one off, straight into the air. Jake continues to stroke for a few more minutes, then oozes his sweet work onto his shaft and hands. The two smile and kiss each other again; after all those steps, I hope they can keep up with the beat at the club.

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