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Miguel Shows Johnny The Ropes #SHO375-01

Miguel Shows Johnny The Ropes #SHO375-01

Running Time
51 mins





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An adorable young man,Johnny Travers,is doing his first scene,and because his scheduled partner canceled at the last minute,an old friend of ShowGuys,Miguel,came running over to fill in. Johnny has been warned about Miguel's huge cock,but isn't in the least fazed. The two are soon kissing and playing with each other's dicks,which they pull out of the respective shorts. Johnny is already hard,sporting a huge eight and a half by six inch uncut cock,which Miguel admires mightily before shoving it down his throat. 
But now Miguel loses his underwear,and Johnny shows us what a great cocksucker he is,and soon has Miguel's dick at its full nine and a half by six and a half inches. They get on their knees,and show off their cocks; Johnny's points up and Miguel's points down,then the two guys go back to deep-throating each other. Johnny brings his ass towards the camera,and Miguel spreads the cheeks,and shows us the hairless hole. Johnny turns over on his back,Miguel straddles his head,and Johnny sucks on Miguel's balls,then Miguel drops forward and the guys sixty-nine. Miguel pulls Johnny's legs into the air and plays with his sweet ass while sucking his hard dick. 
But Johnny decides that it's time to see if his ass can accommodate Miguel's monster,and opts to start off missionary style. The thought of getting plowed by Miguel causes his dick to get even harder than it already is. Johnny throws his legs in the air,and Miguel eases his huge weapon into the waiting hole,and is soon thrusting in and out,accompanied by Johnny's moans of pleasure and his cries of "it's fucking humongous"! Next Johnny gets on his hands and knees,and Miguel fucks him doggie-style. They take a break,and Johnny decides to try the frog position,although he has grave misgivings,and soon Miguel is pushing up into the lad,and Johnny exclaims that the position is not as difficult as he feared. But now it's time for the cum shots. So the two studs lie beside each other,and jerk off. Both guys decide they want to receive facials. Miguel says he is ready,so Johnny puts his face next to Miguel's dick,and Miguel shoots a load into Johnny's open mouth. Now Johnny lies back,and Miguel puts his face on Johnny's stomach. And soon Johnny unloads the second facial of the evening,all over Miguel's forehead. The guys get on their knees,wave goodbye,and a fun and very sexy scene ends.

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