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Sin #2 Hotel Hell #EDP002-01

Sin #2 Hotel Hell #EDP002-01

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Another Night, Another Party: In a dimly lit room, high up in a fashionable Time's Square hotel, seven hot New York City fuck pigs have gathered to act out their most intense sexual desires. Come inside and take a peek; see the hot sexual action for yourself.  Something For Everyone: Whether you like hunky jock boys, mustachioed mature men or pumped-up uncut black guys, this group of guys has something to offer you. Two of these guys are wearing masks so you can imagine that they are anyone you like...or lust after.  Long & Thick & Hard: Of course, all of these sex-starved men have big, hard cocks and deep, hungry throats longing for a juicy prick. They are not disappointed; there is lots of cock sucking going on here and more than enough dick to go around.  Dripping & Spurting: When the cum starts flowing, there's just no way to stop it. One guy shoots off and has two cock suckers at his beck and call to lick up his juice, while another guys gets jerked off by a buddy and sprays virtually a gallon of cum onto a third guy.  Shooting & Squirting: The black stud with the fat uncut cock gets it sucked until he's shooting off in the mouth, on the face and chest of his cock sucker and then that cock sucker licks the last drops of cum oozing from the big, black prick.  Blasting & Slurping: The furry mustachioed man cums in an intense spasm of spunk that rockets all over the cock sucker kneeling in front of him, as well as on the guy jerking off who is standing beside him...and that third guy strokes out his own load of cum right into the same cock sucker's open mouth.  A Good Hard Fuck: The most talented cock sucker slides a rubber onto his partner's cock with his mouth and then gets that pole up his ass. After a good hard fucking, the fucker and a third guy trade off and hammer the cock sucker some more, until all three cum again; on themselves, on each other, as well as in at least one wide-open mouth.

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